Sheng, for shame!

Posted by Johnny Teacup on March 21, 2014

sheng pu'er tuochaToday, in his own inimitable way, Johnny Teacup wrestles with the conventional “wisdom” of sheng pu’er goodness. He lays a copy of a local free paper on the floor, improvises a gongfu set with a couple of swag teacups, and makes the tea sing like Mohammed Ali and Maria Callas rolled into one.

Read this post and behold a work of genius. You owe it to yourself.


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  • Jackie says:

    Ha, I’ve never been a pu’er fan myself, mostly because I can’t shake that feeling I’m sipping old dirty tea with a funky smell.

    • My scorn is entirely reserved for sheng pu’er. Occasionally, admittedly, I’ve enjoyed a nice, old sheng pu’er made by someone else–but when given the same tea to brew myself, it always turned out as gross as any other. This might reflect on my tea-brewing abilities, but I’m too proud to admit my technique has any room for improvement.

      On the other hand, I adore the graveyard aroma and rich, hardware-store taste and mouthfeel of shou pu’er–even the cheapest, bagged version gives me delight.

  • Xavier says:

    Isn’t this a bit too extrem?