Over To You, Ladies!

The challenge to the Beasts of Brewdom to write a story was a bit of a hit. But it left a few people out. Specifically, those possessed of an extra X chromosome.

Yes, I’m talking about women.

Now, as y’all know, Beasts of Brewdom is the very bastion of equality, and we can hardly leave half the population out.
In fact, one particular woman, @jackie of Tea Trade herself, even tried to pass herself as  man called “Jack” in order to take part, which brings up unpleasant memories of the movie ‘Yentl’, which suffers from the same insufferable problem that every Barbara Streisand film does (i.e. Barbara Streisand).

So, smug overacting aside, it’s time to redress the balance.

With the same challenge…almost.

I needed to find a “masculine” alternative to the Mills and Boon romance novel title list, and my first thought were Commando Comics.

I read them as a teenager, all full of death and glory. I looked them up on Wikipedia and found this line:

The stories contain certain characteristic motifs; to mention a few – courage, cowardice, patriotism, dying for the sake of one’s country, noble actions, and making a cup of refreshing tea while in the face of danger,

That settles it!

So, I’m going to issue this challenge to all female tea bloggers: the first title you are assigned from the list of Collection of Commando Comics listed in Wikpedia here is your title. Within a week, if you accept the challenge.

As soon as I post this, I’m going to assign one.



  1. OK, @jackie, you get “Bandits at 12 O’clock”

  2. I challenge @amazonv to write “Dive! Dive! Dive!”

  3. Let’s see what Jo can whip up with the “True Brit” title!

  4. I hope I can write fiction Robert? I can’t do non-fiction, well, only poorly.