And so it begins…


The site that isn’t afraid to celebrate the MANLINESS of TEA.

Before we begin; here’s the checklist:

What this site is about:

(a) Funny stuff about MEN and TEA

(b) Serious Stuff about MEN and TEA

(c) More of (a), because we MEN have a short attention span but love jokes.

What it’s not about:

(a) Misogyny or Homophobia

(b) So called “Manly” pursuits like Hunting. I mean, really? You’ve got a GUN, for Gawd’s Sake. UNLESS you’ve been hunting Brown Bear or Tiger Shark armed only with a teapot and a bag of Lapsang Souchong- that’s MANLY)

(c) Anything boring like lectures about how we are wasting our lives or reminders to take the garbage out.

That’s it!



  1. Most funny! Can’t wait to see what is to come, are women welcome to skulk about?

  2. The first thing you guys should do is introduce yourself with some nice photos. I know you’ve been working out @thedevotea, so you can strut your manliness complete with teacup without fear of being called a tea weed.
    As to the other men, we shall see won’t we.

  3. I like the b of what it’s not about.
    Hunting such beast with such weapons is really brave.

  4. Very interesting, great idea. At our last tea event we had four men attend. Although they were somewhat new to tea they so enjoyed the experience they requested to attend the next function.
    On another note my hubby who is not fond of tea does enjoy the foods I cook with tea.

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