Pakistani woman cooks her husband in a pot

Found an article in the paper and this seemed like the ideal place to share it. As a cautionary tale, I assure you.

In order to hide the murder, a Pakistani woman dismembered and then cooked her husband’s body parts in order to hide the evidence. He’d allegedly been making advances on her 17-year-old daughter (from another marriage) and when she’d had enough, she killed him.


Well, she drugged his tea of course. What else?

So, what’re we to learn from this? Firstly, do not try to have relations with your step-daughter(s). Unless you’re Woody Allen and she was adopted, anyway. Then it’s ok. Sort of. Actually, it’s not really ok, but Mia Farrow didn’t have the right tea for drugging and then dismembering him.

If you ladies want to discuss the right tea for drugging your horndog of a man, you’ll have to start your own lady tea blog. We’re not going to cook our own proverbial goose. Not here anyway.

Back to the moral of this story. If you gents are, for whatever reason, participating in clandestine activities with members of your family that may or may not be related to you by blood, just don’t drink any tea you’re offered. To stay on the safe side.

You’ve been warned.


  1. The ideal place for such tales.
    I wonder if she use anything that nice have added to his flavour. A nice jasmine green, perhaps
    Also, MEN – NEVER drink tea that tastes like bitter almonds.
    Strychnine is a bit more dodgy as apparently, it tastes like tea

  2. Now why did you have to go there? I have been trying to get hubby more involved with tea, both drinking and reading your blog. If he sees this all my work is gone for naught.

  3. *rolls around laughing* Truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

  4. Wow, what a story. And it always comes down to tea.

  5. Mmmh…I’d love to try a nice Strychnine blend. Such a delicious finish, though there is a bit of a weird mouthfeel.

    Jopj, I assure your husband he has nothing to worry about.

    *whispers* hey Mr. Jopj, we’ve got your back.

  6. Drugging tea? This is a waste of perfectly good and usable tea.

  7. Yes Xavier. It shows much better etiquette to brew your husband a nice Lover’s Leap than push him down the stairs.

  8. I wonder if there’s market for Strychnine tea . Hmmm. “The Devotea’s Agatha Christie Blend”…

  9. In that part of the world, it’s actually a man’s job to prepare tea.

    Now we know why.

  10. See, I would be worried about actually eating a stew made from poisoned husband… What if there were toxic residues…?

    Reminds me a bit of the tale of the lady who bopped her husband on the head with a frozen leg of lamb, cooked the murder weapon and offered some to the investigating officers… Hmm.