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Hardened and Shameless

Posted by Robert Godden on December 10, 2011 with 4 Comments

The feisty Melbourne lass @joiedetea describe both her and myself as “hardened and shameless” tea drinkers.

The minute I saw that phrase, I felt compelled to write for Beasts of Brewdom. So here we are.

The subject of today’s blog is about exactly how much size matters.

If it’s too small, you miss out on a great deal of satisfaction.


If it’s too large, there’s a heavy price to pay.

Yes, like Goldilocks ordering some Keemun Mao Feng from the Three Bears Tea Company, you want to get it just right.

In the civilised world, where we long ago gave up on things like “pounds” and “ounces” along with cave wall painting and mammoth-wool cardigans, there is a standard ‘postable’ tea size of 100grams, and another of 250grams. Sometimes 50g or 500g come up, but they are a little unusual.

Is 100grams big enough?

I’ve had samples of 20grams where I’ve nursed each gram, re-steeped as often as possible, and they’ve lasted a week. I’ve had 100gram bags gone in a day. I’ve still got tea from 100g bags I bought in 2010. I’ve got a kilo of Wild Cherry Rooibos I’ve had for years, but that’s another story.

Soon, I hope to sell a lot more tea on-line.

What is the right size?

I just don’t know.

And please don’t tell me it doesn’t matter.


Pakistani woman cooks her husband in a pot

Posted by lahikmajoe on November 27, 2011 with 11 Commentsas , , , , , ,

Found an article in the paper and this seemed like the ideal place to share it. As a cautionary tale, I assure you.

In order to hide the murder, a Pakistani woman dismembered and then cooked her husband’s body parts in order to hide the evidence. He’d allegedly been making advances on her 17-year-old daughter (from another marriage) and when she’d had enough, she killed him.


Well, she drugged his tea of course. What else?

So, what’re we to learn from this? Firstly, do not try to have relations with your step-daughter(s). Unless you’re Woody Allen and she was adopted, anyway. Then it’s ok. Sort of. Actually, it’s not really ok, but Mia Farrow didn’t have the right tea for drugging and then dismembering him.

If you ladies want to discuss the right tea for drugging your horndog of a man, you’ll have to start your own lady tea blog. We’re not going to cook our own proverbial goose. Not here anyway.

Back to the moral of this story. If you gents are, for whatever reason, participating in clandestine activities with members of your family that may or may not be related to you by blood, just don’t drink any tea you’re offered. To stay on the safe side.

You’ve been warned.

And Our Mugs!

Posted by on November 8, 2011 with 3 Comments

Tea_Pain:  Oh hey, remember when we were on Tea Trade?   DukeOEarl:  Wat? Is that like some kind of barter system shit for /t/?  Can we trade in Dart girl for a new model made of Pao?   Tea_Pain: …if it isn’t can we make that our new website feature?   DukeOEarl: Yes. Do it […]

my shingle’s been hung

Posted by lahikmajoe on September 7, 2011 (Comments Closed)

A bit of humour for your teablogging pleasure: my shingle\’s been hung                

what tea do I start with?

Posted by lahikmajoe on August 21, 2011 (Comments Closed)

what tea do I start with?   Come on loyal readers: How about some comments on the old blog?  A little bloglove people…            

The Devotea goes off.

Posted by Robert Godden on August 10, 2011 with 2 Comments

On my blog, I pretty well ripped Australia Post a new one. My second quite angry post in a row. That’s what happens when life interferes with tea. It’s here: 

1st annual Tea Trade gathering

Posted by lahikmajoe on August 9, 2011 (Comments Closed)

          1st annual Tea Trade gathering   What a weekend.  Think you’ll enjoy the recap of the highpoint.    

the ‘best tea’?

Posted by lahikmajoe on July 23, 2011 with 4 Comments

Was asked by a friend today what the ‘best tea’ was. What a question, eh? But I love a good debate. And blog comments. In case I’ve been unclear in the past, I really really like blog comments. So here’s my not-so-humble answer. I wonder how the rest of you might respond. Many teabloggers focus […]

tea-powered gore fest

Posted by lahikmajoe on July 12, 2011 (Comments Closed)

Look:   A new blogpost: tea-powered gore fest   There’s probably a better way to link to it, but Beasts sometimes take a bit longer to figure things out.  

Work In Progress

Posted by Robert Godden on July 4, 2011 with 4 Comments

No peeking. Will all come together soon!