Remembering Milly

I’ve posted this info on the Beasts of Brewdom  website, because we Beasts all loved MIlly, MIldred Singleton or @mildewpea, depending on how you knew her.

I came up with an idea, and it seems to have kicked off a bit, so now I hope it can live up to everyone’s expectations.

This article will lay out what’s happening and how. It’s dynamic, so if I run into any issues, please try back here. And afterwards, we’ll tun it into something of a blog, so feel free to comment.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Robert Godden, I am also known as The Devotea.

As far at the Milly story goes, I’m nobody important. I knew her online; I considered her a friend. I hoped to join with others to share our memoris.

The on-line event will take 3 forms:

  • Start using the #rememberingmilly hashtag on twitter to share your thoughts.
  • Add them as a comment here
  • I’ll start a google+ hangout and post the details on my twitter account @the_devotea

It kicks off at 8am in my home timezone, Adelaide Australia. I’d recommend using ‘s meeting planner if you need help figuring that out. It’s a bit over one hour after this post goes live.

I hope you can all find a nice cuppa, your best china, a slice of cake and join in. I’ll also be bringing tissues, just in case, but I hope it’s just a great time to share stories and mark the passing of a true original.

ADDED NOTE: If you use Hootsuite or TWeetdeack etc, add #rememberingmilly as a saved search



  1. Thank you, Robert. The online video chat was nice and some very nice things were said.

    Here is a permanent link to the Twitter comments that were said at #RememberingMilly

    I am always amazed at the warmth that can be found in 140 characters…

  2. I’m sorry time and traffic were against me this evening. I’m finally home and raising a proper cup of tea to Milly. Thank you Robert for all you did to get everyone together.