global tea friendships

toasting an Aussie's homeward journey with Daintree

For the last several years, I’ve worked with a friend who showed an uncommon interest in tea. Well, uncommon in relation to my other colleagues.

He’s recently decided to relocate to Australia, and I knew the perfect tea to toast his safe flight and smooth transition. That’s right: a cuppa Daintree. What could be more perfect?

He’s read my blog, shared a flask of tea at the end of a long dog walk, and even taken part in some Gong Fu brewing. He’s always been very polite, even when the tea was not what he expected. And more often than not, he was appreciative to try new tea.

Something about a Choice Formosa Oolong seemed to always put a twinkle in his eye.

So, here’s us raising out mugs to future success and global friendships. Who knows, maybe he’ll even come to Tea Trade and join in the discussion. He’d be a welcome voice here.



  1. Nice choice with the Daintree. I vote him in. Not that’s it up to me. I”m not the keeper of these beastly brewboys. @thedevotea is the Ueberbeast I think.

  2. Any friend of yours, etc

  3. I raise my Daintree cup for his safe flight and transition.