raising a cup of Chinese green to my fellow Beasts of Brewdom

It appears two of my favourite Beasts of Brewdom will be descending on the World Tea Expo in Vegas, and I simply wanted to raise my cup to them both.

Here’s to you, Geoff. And Robert? I suppose here’s to you, as well.

This cup of green I’m enjoying in your honour? It’s not particularly refined. It’s even got a bit of a kick. The rough around the edges nature of this tea seems to fit perfectly with my toast.

Hope you have a great time together, and I look forward to when the three of us are simultaneously in the same place. Wishful thinking, eh?


  1. Good to hear the third beast roar again.

  2. I want to join the Beasts of Brewdom, is there any way to apply? I have a tea blog and firmly believe that real men drink tea!

  3. The “rough around the edge” is perfect for them and you.

  4. DUDE! Good to see you on here again…even if it is only in typeset. Totally look forward to that day.

  5. Hello Riccaicedo,

    It’s not nearly as organised as all that. My suspicion is the you’ve already fulfilled the requisite criteria.

    Welcome aboard. Ahoi!