A Beastly Moment

It was an honour to be speaking at the Annual Spring White tea event in New York. (I’m assuming our host will blog about it, so I’m waiting to read all about it.)
Surely not the place for some beastly high jinx, right? Wrong.

We sat in the very top corner table, Lady Devotea and I, as our host, @jopj asked the room to introduce themselves.

When it got to Verna Hamilton, the tea blogger, @jopj related the story of how they first started talking when  Jo was convinced that these two twitter accounts – @the_devotea and @lahikmajoe were the same person. Both Ken and I tormented Jo over these comments on twitter for some time.

Everyone in the room had a good laugh. I’d forgotten about it.

A few minutes later it was my turn to introduce myself. I got up and said “I’m Ken MacBeth Knowles”.


  1. Who is the real you? 😉

  2. Will the real Ken Macbeth Knowles please stand up?