A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Manly…

Posted by Robert Godden on July 2, 2013

I’m drinking Rose Blush as I write this. Of course I won’t be reviewing it as it’s one of The Devotea blends: that would be a little self-indulgent.
It’s rose and vanilla and black tea. In order to make sure it looks manly enough, I am drinking it black, straight up out of an imperial pint beer mug.
It reminds me that there is no tea that is not manly, even if it has a girly description. Skulling it down piping hot from a beer mug is a wonderful feat of macho manliness. Really.
There was a time in Las Vegas when three of us men were standing around swigging this stuff. Mr Norman. Mr Giddings. Mr Godden.
No milk.
No sugar.
No fear.
It was like a scene from Walker Texas Ranger.
OK, so the fact that between the three of us we couldn’t open a packet of crisps was a little denting of our pride, but nevertheless, we took this tea on, and came out the other side.


  • iheartteas says:

    I just wanted to say that enjoy this blend a lot and really hope it is something the US will carry. I enjoy my cup neat, my daughter with milk and sugar from Chambre de Sucre, and even the hubby liked this one, neat of course.

    A pleasant cup to say the least.

  • Tea Moment says:

    A fine, manly moment indeed. It’s unfortunate about the crisps, and by crisps, I’m sure you meant chips, but I’m sure we’re all civilized enough to overlook such an incident.

  • Alex Zorach says:

    It’s funny, I’m also drinking a rose and vanilla tea…where is yours from? Mine is from Octavia tea.

    I don’t think of rose as a particularly “feminine” aroma. Rose is pretty bold and dominates the aroma of many teas. I also think that it tends to hold its own against the strongest black teas. When I think of a more “feminine” flower I’d point to honeysuckle, lilac, or orchid. Rose looks more feminine, visually I think, than it smells.

    • I fully agree with your analysis of the flavour, unless you add sugar. Then rose and vanilla becomes very childish, for want of a better word.
      Mine is The Devotea’s Rose Blush.So I get it from our warehouse.

  • Anthony says:

    You are the man. I am starting a revolution for men drinking tea. I get angry with people saying that real men don’t drink tea. But I like your style. Stay strong and drink tea! TeaPeeps!