A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell as Manly…

I’m drinking Rose Blush as I write this. Of course I won’t be reviewing it as it’s one of The Devotea blends: that would be a little self-indulgent.
It’s rose and vanilla and black tea. In order to make sure it looks manly enough, I am drinking it black, straight up out of an imperial pint beer mug.
It reminds me that there is no tea that is not manly, even if it has a girly description. Skulling it down piping hot from a beer mug is a wonderful feat of macho manliness. Really.
There was a time in Las Vegas when three of us men were standing around swigging this stuff. Mr Norman. Mr Giddings. Mr Godden.
No milk.
No sugar.
No fear.
It was like a scene from Walker Texas Ranger.
OK, so the fact that between the three of us we couldn’t open a packet of crisps was a little denting of our pride, but nevertheless, we took this tea on, and came out the other side.


  1. I just wanted to say that enjoy this blend a lot and really hope it is something the US will carry. I enjoy my cup neat, my daughter with milk and sugar from Chambre de Sucre, and even the hubby liked this one, neat of course.

    A pleasant cup to say the least.

  2. A fine, manly moment indeed. It’s unfortunate about the crisps, and by crisps, I’m sure you meant chips, but I’m sure we’re all civilized enough to overlook such an incident.

  3. It’s funny, I’m also drinking a rose and vanilla tea…where is yours from? Mine is from Octavia tea.

    I don’t think of rose as a particularly “feminine” aroma. Rose is pretty bold and dominates the aroma of many teas. I also think that it tends to hold its own against the strongest black teas. When I think of a more “feminine” flower I’d point to honeysuckle, lilac, or orchid. Rose looks more feminine, visually I think, than it smells.

    • I fully agree with your analysis of the flavour, unless you add sugar. Then rose and vanilla becomes very childish, for want of a better word.
      Mine is The Devotea’s Rose Blush.So I get it from our warehouse.

  4. You are the man. I am starting a revolution for men drinking tea. I get angry with people saying that real men don’t drink tea. But I like your style. Stay strong and drink tea! TeaPeeps!