And Our Mugs!

Tea_Pain:  Oh hey, remember when we were on Tea Trade?


DukeOEarl:  Wat? Is that like some kind of barter system shit for /t/?  Can we trade in Dart girl for a new model made of Pao?


Tea_Pain: …if it isn’t can we make that our new website feature?


DukeOEarl: Yes. Do it NOW!


Tea_Pain: I’ll look into it. Maybe I can code some stuff.


DukeOEarl:  If you’ve listened to our podcast, you might have heard that we are joining up with the Beasts and Joy’s Teaspoon to deliver some much needed prostate lulz. You know, for science and awareness and shit. It also makes us look awesome for all the Wisconsin-cute ladies.


Tea_Pain: Didn’t know you were getting into the plus-sizes, Duke. How do you put a roofie in a stick of butter?


DukeOEarl: Nah, man, blubber’s just cheaper than paying the gas company up here. And if that shit’s deep fried, they’ll still eat like 20 roofies.  Just gotta tell em they’re crispy M&M’s and then you can get them into whatever room you want, ET style.


Tea_Pain: Touche.  So ya, we’re just here to say “Oh, we’re actually on another blag?” and announce through yet another outlet that we formally accept the challenge of growing mustaches for the reduction of penile-related sicknesses.  Because, let’s be honest, what good are tits if we can’t point them out?


DukeOEarl: Check out Joy’s Teaspoon’s Facebook later today or tomorrow. Tea_Pain FINALLY sent in our before-pics even though he’s retarded and already started growing a beard when he took his picture.


Tea_Pain: My mutton chops will bring all the girls to the yard, Duke. So help me /T/sus, this is going to be an epic No Shave November… much like it was a semi-epic No Shave March and No Shave July.


DukeOEarl: If you can actually grow mutton chops, I will force you to be my wingman while I sport a neck beard.


Tea_Pain: Challenge ACCEPTED.


  1. Glad you’re on board for this Movember lark.

    Here’s to prostate awareness.

    I’m sure you’ll do your part to elevate this conversation, as it were.

  2. Good to see you guys posting *something* again! Glad to see a podcast fomenting as well.

  3. I will out-hirsute you both.