It’s time to pull the finger out…

MEN: Specifically, tea-drinking MEN!

That’s the way the blurb for Beasts of Brewdom starts.

I wrote it along the theme that in some countries (that is say the US) there is this perception that tea is a drink for women, girls, the elderly and the rampantly homosexual.

Of course, if a “REAL MAN” believes that drinking tea might suddenly make him wish to get sexually intimate with another gentlemen, then let me tell you, the wish was clearly there long before the kettle boiled.

Well, one thing that “Real Men” and those insidious homosexuals that are lurking around every corner waiting to spread gayness have in common is a prostate.

Your prostate (the name in ancient Greek means protector or guardian) does a bunch of stuff that you really don’t need to know, but let’s just say in comes up in two conversations:

  1. It makes sex better and enhances your ability to reproduce
  2. It gets cancer and you die

Certainly what you’d call a double-edged sword there, chaps.

In order to support raising both funds and awareness of prostate cancer, I’ve decided to join “Movember” and grow a shoddy moustache.

I’m proud of the fact that Movember started in my home town of Adelaide, and is now an international phenomenon.

But I’ve not joined Movember in Australia – I’ve joined it in the US. Naomi Rosen of Joy’s Teaspoon has started the “Mo tea” team and I have joined that.

If you’re reading this, please help in these ways:

  1. Sponsor me to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars or send any gold bars you may have, or
  2. Join and grow one yourself. (Possibly difficult if you happen to be one of those chaps that isn’t a chap.

I’ve written a piece on my reasons and it’s here.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some tea, and start thinking about how you want to join in the conversational on prostate cancer.

My Fundraising page is at :



  1. While I can’t give hundreds of thousands of dollars, I did do what I could. 🙂 I’m looking forward to this piece you wrote. Will that be at Joy’s Teaspoon? Keep up the great work!

    • Your contribution was much appreciated. It’s a great start, without Movember officially starting until tomorrow. And today, my final day as a fully clean-shaven individual for a while.

  2. Very important subject, and hits close to home for me as I had a family member who survived prostate cancer. They just recently (here in the states) started re-thinking the validity of the PSA screening, and I have mixed feelings about that.
    Excellent post, and I’ll be helping this month as soon as I can.

  3. As a man that had to add the word “prostate” to his thirtysomething-plus lexicon, I commend you.

  4. I want to see the ‘shoddy moustache’.

    Who knows, maybe if it’s shoddy enough, we’ll call the resulting style the ‘Godden’ for posterity.

  5. I am not sure to understand this post but you with a moustache? I need to have a pic.