This is what they put into tea bags

This is a salutory lesson about the evils of teabags.

It starts here:

And gets worse:

And these guys aren’t finished:

Yet more indignity:

And this guy could almost be a Beast of Brewdom, if he moved to loose leaf.

(Thanks to @Jackie for pointing these out)


  1. Now I’m angry. I come to you expecting to be educated, ranted at, and motivated to take my tea drinking to a new level. Do you know what you did here? You just got me to watch 2 1/2 of these painfully awful adverts before I realized that that’s all there was. Really? I will never be able to get those wretched things out of my mind. As a punishment I am considering sending you three crates of tea bags. Good day, sir.

  2. I wonder which 2.5 you watched @teapages? I suppose the first ones. I chuckled at the “wild horses” one picturing our Beasts here, sitting by their laptops pounding their chests. The last couple were a bit unpleasant. Not nice towards women who buy shoes and color their hair. Quite unsuitable for any decent blog.
    So, just right. Right?

  3. Well another tea brand bites the dust or is it appropiately called fannings?

  4. If I find that there are always indignant comments left at Beasts of Brewdom, I may, you know, start to read it.

  5. I am so glad that Erik appreciated my indignation. I might have to comment more frequently. Let me try again…

    Because you have just encouraged me to watch several excruciating commercials extolling the virtues of Lyons Tea then I will henceforth be tweeting on a daily basis that “Tea companies should only send tea bag forms of their product to The Devotea henceforth.” And again I say, good day, sir. Harumph.

    (This is fun.)

  6. I guess this is what you call having some English sense of humor.

  7. The above videos show mere beginners. No real stamina. This is what really happens when you overdo on tea bags:

  8. ‘Cue dumpy looking teabag….”

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