Real men shoot guns with their tea.


There’s a mildly patronizing discussion amongst some tea businesses right now about how to attract more MEN to drink our tea. Contrary to the evidence (most of my customers are guys), it seems that many MEN are too concerned with MANLY activities like spitting and punching walls to take time out and enjoy a WOMEN’s drink. Apparently…

So, I wonder whether TeaTraders would be able to assist? Can you suggest any fun and MANLY ways we might attract these COWBOY MEN away from their ranching and rawhide, and into a nice cup of Oolong? Here’s a couple of ideas to start the discussion:

  • Teacup shooting – after you’ve finished drinking your Gao Shan Mao Feng, shoot the cup with a real AK47!
  • The Dong Ding Derby! Smash up a cheap car in the fastest time to win 100g of tea!
  • Rowdy Rooibos Rugby – erm… we all get muddy and sing lewd songs and then skoll 15 pints of rooibos

Any other good ideas?

ADMIN NOTE: For some reason, this sat in “Pending” for a year!


  1. If you are targeting the American market, drop the AK 47 and go for a real American gun with a real American tea.

  2. I didn’t even know @minrivertea was a Beast of Brewdom. Actually it made me realize that Chris hasn’t been online anywhere for ages. Not on twitter for three months, hasn’t updated his company blog since that same date back in September and not on G+ for even longer. Are you okay Chris? No accidents testing out your own suggestions above with those lethal weapons I hope. I shudder to think about that actually.