The End Of The World As We Brew It…(updated)

With all that Mayan Calendar new age hippy stone cold bonkers twaddle we’ve had to put up with in the last few days, we got to thinking:

What do the Beasts of Brewdom drink when the world is ending?

And here’s the answers


I made myself about a gallon of Temi Estate Sikkim in an enormous mug, because the nothing bad can ever happen during a cup of that tea.

Indeed, I may have saved the planet.


“So, there was no Mayan apocalypse, no 5th age, not even ancient celestial hug of reassurance for the lot of you who thought the world would really end. Honestly, a part of me wanted to see it…just so I could give the comet/fire-mountain/asteroid/Galactus a staring contest. What would I wear during said staring contest? Pajamas. Men don’t dress up for the end of days. In my cup? Lapsang Souchong. Because if I’m going to go out in fire, I might as well be drinking fire.”


 … when asked to comment, muttered “tea at the end of the world, That would be coffee” and made no further legible comment, though the muttering continued.

Obviously, the Beasts of Brewdom have scant regard for this sort of thing. After all, hippies are all about drinking chamomile decoctions and pretending to read Jack Kerouac, so it’s hardly surprising.


Lahikmajoe drank coffee for the end of the world. It was not tea and he was ok with that.

He still likes drinking tea a great deal, though. Hopefully you’ll see much more of him here in 2013.


  1. I agree very much with “hopefully you’ll see much more of him (@lahikmajoe) here in 2013.” Anyway, it’s just as well the world didn’t end because we’d have expected a little more of you beasts than PJ’s and big mugs. Ken did shock a bit with his coffee but hey, we (ladies) wanted you to go all out! Last chance to do something really exciting but, nah y’a didn’t. Like I said, good thing the earth didn’t stop just then.
    PS: I do like this blog and it was nice to see it shine again on the front page.

  2. What tea would the Mayas have drunk for their end of the world? This is the real question you should have asked.

  3. I was pretty sure The Doctor saved us once again. 😉

  4. Well one part of my world has been changed LAHIKMAJOE chose coffee.