A thoughtful, considered post…

…will no doubt turn up on The Devotea’s Tea Spouts in a day or so, but for now, consider this:

Once again, two Beasts of Brewdom will occupy the same room. Yes, The Devotea and The Lazy Literatus , in Las Vegas, this June.

Isn’t that just the best news?

Can Vegas cope?

Can America Cope?

Can The Universe Cope?

And mostly, can Michael J. Coffey cope? The poor bastard has drawn the job of “moderator”.

I tell you, Mikey, BEASTS OF BREWDOM are MODERATED by NO-ONE!. Not even a LAPSANG SOUCHONG-FUELLED CHUCK NORRIS could moderate a BEAST in full flight.


  1. Sounds like a party. Count me and the hubby in. What’s happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 🙂

  2. Cool! I’ve never been to Las Vegas, hope to make a trip there some day.

  3. That’s awesome. Also congrats @thedevotea on being a speaker at the WTE. Hope we get to hear more details from everyone involved, am piecing things together from this post, tweets and updates on G+.

  4. Counting the days

  5. Aargh, so in June is the day that the world ends, we need to be in our shelter and some people have a good time together. Have fun and tea.

  6. Will those unlucky enough not to be there be given a video recording of this performance to come?

  7. best to just follow the police reports, @xavier